Join the revolution

At Otovo we’re building the energy company of the future. We’re currently hiring to drive this revolution.

We believe that homeowners and businesses should be able to get cheap and clean energy in a simpler way, that is more fun and puts them in control rather than the large utilities.

We’re currently hiring to drive this revolution:

Senior Developers, Developers and UX/Design specialist

Our software creates rooftop solar projects and guides the customers gently on their way to becoming a solar home. Solar installers use our platform to get, plan and carry out projects. They also install our proprietary data logging unit, which in turns give our customers monitoring and a lifetime of solar production statistics. In addition we’re building a full power company to connect the solar energy homes with people who want their electricity to be green and local.

You can become a part of the seriously skilled dev team that creates all of this magic. We’re looking to add both talented junior and senior engineers. You need deep technical skills, self-motivation and a desire to make an impact.

Our stack is currently Python 3, Django, React, PostgreSQL, Heroku/AWS, and Debian.

UX/Design specialists create great consumer products on web and mobile, but we expect you to be able to code and execute on your creativity and not only hand over wireframes and demos.

All developers report to Otovo’s Head of products, Simen F. Jørgensen.

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Working at Otovo

Otovo is a venture backed startup intent on simplifying the transition from energy-draining, stupid individual homes to solar powered, smarter and interacting communities. We build software that helps people decide on going solar and we run a network of installers that make it happen in the real world. In addition we connect the solar powered homes with the grid and operate a power company that sells clean and local power. We will add capabilities and products as we move forward.

We were founded in 2016 and recently completed our series A funding (€6m). We have launched products, attracted customers and have a pretty steep revenue curve. Otovo will be taking risks, which also means there is ample opportunity to be part of the fun and influence outcomes substantially. It’s cool to get in early.

We value curiosity and experimentation. At Otovo we make decisions fast and we act early, learn quickly and keep moving. We allow for flexibility in work hours and workstyle even as we work hard and work a lot. Our work environment is open minded and inclusive. Our people are intent on creating results, so we love when people do stuff rather than talk about it or plan forever. We celebrate completing things, not starting them.

Otovistas are positive and love a (sometimes tequila-infused) party. We’ve gathered a bunch of really smart people with cool and diverse competencies as we employ developers/programmers; project managers and technical experts; and sales consultants. We understand you have a life to live outside of work. We’re family friendly. We will be prioritizing diversity in our hiring.

We offer really challenging work. You can probably fetch your maximal paycheck somewhere else, but we pay honest salaries and bonuses. All employees are enrolled in our stock option programme, our good pension and insurance scheme.