Senior front-end developer (Oslo)

We are looking for our next senior frontend developer. We offer the unique challenges of a scaling company, working with the best team and a job with a sense of purpose.

We imagine you have more than 5 years of experience, but being "senior" is more about attitude than number of years. Your story will show us that you are a senior developer. Coding is your craft. You are not an architect, a Scrum Master nor on a path that leads away from coding.

Still, you believe your job is more than just coding. You want to understand the business, get to know our customers and involve users to create awesome products.

The challenge

Otovo is on a mission to bring local and clean energy into every home. In the near future, Otovo will expand to several new European markets. This comes with a unique set of challenges. How can we build a system that will cope with the demands of i18n, l10n, with several offices and customers in different cultures, while keeping quality and speed of development high?

We can do it by building a team of great developers, designers and product people. We provide direction and space for everyone to do their best.

You realize that working on a growing startup means tackling a continuous stream of fresh problems. You do not despair, you enjoy the opportunity to keep improving the company each day.

At Otovo, we are using Python/Django, React and React Native. We’re not too concerned about your specific experience with these tools. If you are as good as you need to be, you will learn these tools in no time at all.


Here's what you will do at Otovo:

  • You will work across all the parts of our product, from the Otovo app and recurring services, through our installer platform to the sales flow.

  • You will write code that is well-written, maintainable, and free from unnecessary complexity.

  • You will work with customers, installers, and colleagues to create the best solutions.

  • You will guide and assist the rest of the team.

Special abilities

We are a young company and need people who can help where it is needed. While we are looking for allrounders, some special abilities will still be appreciated. Perhaps you have one of these?

  • Mad map skills. We combine satellite data, laser data and public information and display it on maps.

  • Math wizardry. Calculating solar radiation for all of Europe's homeowners is no easy feat.

  • Some other skill that might come in handy? Tell us about it!

We believe being part of growing a company that is putting sustainable energy into every home is the best possible perk. We don’t have a ping pong table - but there are many reasons to join us.

Sounds interesting?

Write a brief description about yourself, attach your CV and send it to